Terms of Service



  • I reserve the right to modify my ToS at any time I see fit.
  • A commission is considered a business transaction between myself and 
  • [1] client.
  • I do not accept clients under the age of 18; I reserve the right to ask for legal 
  • identification.
  • Do not send photographic images that are NSFW for any reason. Ever.
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission/trade without citing a reason.
  • Customers are welcome to post the artwork they have purchased from me provided proper credit is given.
  • I do not allow my artwork to be traced, colored, recolored or altered by anyone but myself unless otherwise negotiated.

Work Flow

  • I do not begin work until the required payment is made.
  • Image description must be decided before work is started. If the description is changed after work has begun, the client will be charged in addition to the amount of work put into the original product. 
  • It is the client's responsibility to provide all information relevant to the product both prior and during the commission process.
  • I am not responsible for false or incomplete information provided by the client.
  • For every commission, I provide a WIP update once the sketch is complete. I do not continue until the sketch is approved. If I do not receive a response after 30 days I will continue regardless.
  • I work on every commission to the best of my abilities and reserve the right to decline alterations that flaw the anatomy, perspective, etc.
  • I reserve the right to cancel a transaction and refund accordingly at any point I deem necessary. 
  • If a commission is not started within 90 days of receiving the initial deposit, a full refund will be provided at the clients request.
  • If there is no significant progress on a commission for a span 30 days, at the customer’s request, a partial refund will be given based on the terms outlined below in the payments and refunds section of the ToS.

Prints and Shipping

  • Prints and posters of Digital Pieces are available for an additional fee.
  • Traditional Pieces will be mailed with an additional charge for shipping and packaging
  • Prints of pre-existing work are available in the "Shop".

Payments and Refunds

  • All online transactions are handled by PayPal Invoices. I send an invoice to the client who then approves and sends the requested payment. Any person who does not follow this will have their payments returned.
  • All payments must be made through the customer’s account. I will not accept payments for a commission by persons that are not directly involved.
  • The cost of a commission varies from piece to piece depending on complexity, media and desired rights.
  • Desired rights (redistribution, editing, and commercial) must be negotiated beforehand.
  • I retain all rights not negotiated and/or paid for.
  • I require full payment in advance for commissions at or under $100. Any commission over $100, I require half of the amount as a down payment and the remaining once the piece is complete.
  • If the transaction is cancelled by either party, the client will receive a refund minus the amount for work already completed.
  • Payments are in USD. PayPal invoices can be paid through a PayPal account or a credit/debit card.
  • I can expedite a commission for an additional fee, depending on the complexity of the image and my current queue.


  • I require a reliable email address as the primary form of contact.
  • Other acceptable forms of communication include Telegram, Facebook Messenger, na/orText Messaging (if applicable). Twitch DMs, Twitter DMs, FurAffinity Notes and DeviantArt DMs are not acceptable platforms for communication on commissions.
  • I can be contacted any time at Victoriareneart@gmail.com.
  • Please refrain from asking for updates more than once a week.
  • I do not give out my phone number to customers.
  • While I do occasionally Livestream my work, I reserve the right to work on any commission offline at any point in time.
  • I stream artwork whenever I am able to, please refrain from asking me to stream.
  • My e-mail for both transaction services and communication is Victoriareneart@gmail.com

Imagery I will not draw for commission

  • Copyrighted/trademarked characters and/or public figures.
  • Copy other people's designs/creations or significant portions thereof.

In addition to not drawing the following, I will also not accept being sent any material including the following content, for reference or any other purpose:

  • Under aged persons/characters, or persons/characters with child-like anatomy, nude or in sexual context.
  • Skat-themed materials.
  • Extreme gore or indiscriminate violence.