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About The Artist

Local Youngstown Artist

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Youngstown Ohio. I lived in Chicago for 6 years, but after financial difficulty decided to move back to my roots. Now I'm focusing on getting back on my feet and starting the next chapter of my life.

Hobbies and Interests

Right now I'm very dedicated to working out. I've always been very proud of my strength and continue to push my limits! I also love video games; Final Fantasy 14 being the most frequently played. I also play Minecraft, Warhawk, Civilization, Mario Party, Wario Ware, Sims and many others! I enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, singing and driving. I love rock music, animals, fantasy, ice cream, sushi, berries, purple, fire, shinies and anything fuzzy. 

My Family

I am currently living with my parents in the suburbs of Youngstown, Ohio. I had to move back in temporarily to regroup and recover from a heavy financial hit.

I currently have an Akita names Nymeria, and a gray tabby cat names Memphis!

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Traditional Work

Paintings and drawings in a variety of mediums!

Digital Creations

Created in Photoshop using many different techniques and styles!


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